About Raisin Awareness

As a dental nurse and mum, Jo Dawson is passionate about sharing her knowledge to support improvements in children’s oral health whilst understanding the daily challenges of family life.
Tooth extraction as a result of dental decay is the most common reason for hospital admissions for children aged 5-9 years old. 
The majority of children miss at least 2 school days for hospital appointments and recovery, because of this usually preventable disease.
No parent wants to see their child suffer, especially if it is preventable.
Over 2 million children, in 16,600 Primary Schools in England, are given Raisins and Sultanas as a snack 6 times a year, increasing their risk of tooth decay. 
Many Primary School snack policies allow children to bring in cariogenic snacks every day.  Health Halo claims on dried and processed fruit snacks are misleading, causing confusion.  “No added sugar” does not mean “sugar free”.
By linking up Primary Schools with Dental Practices, supplying fresh vegetable snacks for the Raisin Swap, and delivering positive dental messages, Raisin Awareness supports and empowers change to help reduce this risk and teach our children how to make tooth-friendly healthy choices, on and off the playground.


Raisin Awareness aims to:

·        Improve the Oral Health of children in Primary School

·        Link Dental Practices with Primary Schools

·        Support and encourage tooth-friendly options instead of dried and processed fruit snacks on the playground

·        Supply regular Oral Health Education literature to all pupils


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