Our work supports Dental Professionals on Oral Health promotion through courses and mentoring programs.

We nurture , fund and support Oral Health promotional projects, and work closely with the Dental Industry as well as forge new collaborations with other industries to elevate Oral Health awareness.


Over the next 3 years we will be focusing on:

Our aim is to have a measurable, positive impact on Oral Health awareness and promotion by successfully delivering the following:

  • Integration of Oral Health promotion – across multiple disciplines
  • Empowering the public – through all oral health promotional projects
  • Incorporating wellbeing – at every stage of the development and execution of every project

Find out more about the exciting projects we support...

Raisin Awareness

Jo Dawson’s project aims to:

  • End dried and processed fruit snacks in primary schools
  • Improve the Oral Health of children in primary schools

The Healthy Mouth Project

Rachel Lawton’s project is all about empowering prisoners to improve their Oral Health.

Smile Uganda!

Anne Powders’ project is all about the children of Uganda and perhaps for other developing countries that so desperately need our help to improve their dental health

Healthy Smiles

Jackie Whiteley’s project is all about improving the level of Oral care and education within UK care and residential homes.


Ali Lowe’s project is all about raising awareness of Lip Cancer and the importance of using an SPF Lip Balm.