Innovations in Oral Health Promotion

We actively work with dental professionals and communities to nurture projects focussed to help overcome Oral Health inequalities and inclusion for all.

We do this through a community, empowerment, partnership approach.

We wish to maximise Oral Health through all stages of life that contributes to overall health and a right for all human beings.

About us

Founded by Victoria Wilson a Dental Therapists who has been running Smile Revolution Ltd since 2016 and saw and opportunity to support other dental professionals to lead on running their own Oral Health promotional projects

Our Services

We offer mentoring and a range of courses specific to the needs of the individual and oral health promotional project to nurture projects to be sustainable and viable with impact on communities Oral Health.

We actively work with registered dental professionals and a range of communities to nurture innovative Oral Health promotional projects focused to help overcome oral health inequalities.

Through ongoing online mentoring services and courses we support each project to be sustainable with a measurable impact on communities. We continue to stay engaged and actively involved in the ongoing developments of the Oral Health promotional projects.

The community impact is focused to help improve oral health inequalities and improve quality of life with the inclusion for all. We work with specific communities of identified needs, through a co-design approach integrating wellbeing and empowerment through ongoing partnerships.

Our Focus

Our aim is to have a measurable, positive impact on Oral Health awareness and promotion through the successful delivery in these 3 areas:

  • Integration of Oral Health promotion – across multiple disciplines.
  • Empowering the public – through all Oral Health promotional projects
  • Incorporating wellbeing – at every stage of the development and execution of every project

Our Approach

Wellbeing underpins every part of the Smile Revolution Growth Hub CIC are consciously aware of wellbeing in all our endeavours.

All project leads are actively participating in the 5 Ways of Wellbeing and continue to reflect on their own wellbeing through peer lead wellbeing clusters.

We connect with other local initiatives that support wellbeing.