Innovations in Oral Health Promotion




We actively work with dental professionals, the dental industry and communities through our range of services to nurture campaigns and projects to elevate oral health awareness and help overcome oral health inequalities
with and inclusion for all.

How we support the Dental Community

Through mentoring, co-design, a range of courses and funding.

Nurturing oral health promotional projects to be sustainable with measurable impact on communities’ oral health.

Who we work with

Dental Nurses

Dental Practices


Dental Teams

The Range of Projects we support

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Ghandi

What people are saying about us

This course is for anyone who is passionate about Oral Health and wants to feel fulfilled in the work they do. At the beginning I was struggling to think of an idea and I put a lot of pressure on myself, however Victoria nurtured it out of me! I now believe I know how to do this, and could use this model to plan more projects in the future.

This course is changing peoples lives.

This course is suited to any member of the dental team who has a desire to create their own project or business. With Victoria’s guidance and input if you have passion for promoting oral health she will have all the tools to make it happen. Her knowledge is amazing but what shines through the most is her passion! Knowing she is always there to help and any stage or with any enquiry was so valuable.

The course has inspired me so much, I am excited as to where this will lead and I feel it has given me opportunities to broaden my oral health career, thank you!

This course is for anyone and everyone who has a passion it is an overlap of dental and everything, it’s life changing stuff. It opened my eyes to think outside the box, and to take time to plan & prepare & evaluate, to realise there’s no hurry, better to get it right slowly. It’s given me a structure to follow and to keep referring back to continuously. The inspiration and thinking outside the box was one of the most helpful parts. 

The mentoring is absolutely incredible. Victoria is always so positive and supportive and offering anything she can help with. I had no idea that this would be a part of it & can’t believe the dedication, time and effort that Victoria puts in to us. She is a marvel.


As a course lead Victoria’s personality and passion for everything she does is incredible! Without her enthusiasm and encouragement, I would
not have had the courage to do so much in a short amount of time.

Without the mentoring , I’d be lost! Never feels like we are alone! It’s a critical part of keeping things fresh, exciting and getting feedback from
other delegates and Victoria. Being able to contact Victoria when we have concerns or issues within our project. Victoria is always there to
help. Never feels like we are alone!

From the course I was most inspired by Victoria’s willingness to share all her experiences in order for you to develop your project along with the support of the other delegates. I think this course has a place for all dental teams, those with an idea but also those without, to inspire them and introduce them to Health Promotion.

Victoria’s strengths are certainly her positivity, openness, knowledge, remembering self-care and being true to yourself, work ethic, support.
The mentoring It is as important as the course itself, if not more so. It is the drive that will stop your project going back to an idea phase. It helps the project move forward.

Our Focus

Our aim is to have a measurable, positive impact on Oral Health awareness and promotion

Over the next 3 years we have 3 main areas of focus 

Integration of oral health promotion – across multiple disciplines

Empowering the public – through all oral health promotional projects

Incorporating wellbeing – at every stage of the development and execution of every project

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